OCOA Awards and Criteria

(The following is a synopsis from the OCOA By-Laws. Please refer to them if clarification is sought)

Officer of the Year

The Officer of the Year Award be available to any active badge carrying Conservation Officer within the Ontario MNR enforcement program who is full member in good standing of the O.C.O.A..

The officer of the year selection criteria shall include:

  • Must be a full time and properly appointed conservation officer in the province of Ontario.
  • An officer whose character is beyond reproach.
  • An officer who is competent, knowledgeable and capable.
  • An officer who promotes wildlife law enforcement.
  • An officer who demonstrates professionalism in every facet of life.
  • An officer who is actively involved in their community and profession (association).
  • An officer who may have achieved a major accomplishment in the past year or years.

The Officer of the Year shall be selected by a committee consisting of:

  • OCOA President or his/her representative
  • OCOA Vice-President or his/her representative
  • OCOA Secretary or Treasurer or his/her representative

Selection will take place as early in the calendar year as possible. Calls for nominations will go out in the last quarter of the year and close at year end. The selection will be made no later than the end of February.

Outstanding Achievement Award

This award shall be approved and voted on by the executive at the winter executive meeting beginning in 2011. This award is retroactively effective to January 1, 2010.

Outstanding Achievement Award selection criteria:

  • Must be a member of the OCOA who has achieved a major enforcement accomplishment that has had a significant impact or contribution related to our natural resources profession.
  • Must have demonstrated innovation, excellence or leadership.

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Certificate of Life Saving

Our Association will honour any member (members) who saves or attempts to save a human life.

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Certificate of Valour

Awarded to a member (members) who voluntarily distinguish themselves above and beyond the call of duty and perform an act (acts) without regard for his or her personal safety in the face of imminent danger.

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Certificate of Bravery

Our Association will honour any person or persons who voluntarily perform a courageous act which assists a member of this Association in a potentially hazardous situation.

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Plaque of Appreciation

Appreciation for years of dedicated service to the enforcement of resource legislation.
Must be recommended by an OCOA full member, and has held a CO appointment for minimum 15 years, and has been an OCOA member in good standing for previous 8 years.

Appreciation for efforts that have assisted the OCOA in meeting it’s objectives.
Must be recommended by an OCOA full member, and is an individual or group who have been recognized by the OCOA Executive.

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Certificate of Appreciation

To be presented to a member in good standing, or any Ontario Conservation Officer or Deputy Conservation Officer as approved by the Officers of the Association, upon retirement or upon leaving the position of an MNR enforcement officer.

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