Denis Beauvais, Kyle Morrison, Clem Vaillancourt

OCOA Certificate of Lifesaving 2011

Conservation Officer Denis Beauvais, Kyle Morrison and Clem Vaillancourt

On January 29, 2011 Conservation Officers Beauvais, Morrison and Vaillancourt attempted to rescue an injured snomobiler on the Horwood Lake Road near Timmins, Ontario.

The officers were on snowmobile patrol in the west Timmins District when, in the evening hours at -38 C temperatures, they came across a snowmobile with the operator Mr. Lablond pinned underneath it. They performed CPR on him for over 45 minutes before he was taken to the hospital.

Unfortunately Mr. Lablond passed away three days later.

His family passed this message to the officers: "The Leblond family would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the Conservation Officers on duty the day of the accident. Their compassion and CPR skills should be applauded and recognized as going beyond their call of duty“.