Dirk Stuyck

OCOA Certificate of Lifesaving 2007

Conservation Officer Dirk Stuyck

On July 4, 2006, off-duty Conservation Officer Dirk Stuyck assisted in saving two boaters from the waters of Lake St. Clair.

Officer Stuyck and MNR employee Cale Selby were fishing 10km out in Lake St. Clair. They noted an overturned boat with one person in the water. The other person was missing. As the wind and waves picked up, officer Stuyck contacted and remained in contact with the OPP and Coast Guard, while searching for the other person. They eventually too the rescued person, who was in shock, from the Coast Guard to shore. The OPP eventually found and rescued the other person.

Conservation Officer Stuyck is commended for his courageous lifesaving actions.