OCOA Newsletter

The News and Views is our newsletter that is mailed to members four times per year. It is also available online in the Members area of the OCOA web site. Each issue averages about 60 pages depending on submissions.

Submission deadlines for articles are:

Summer – June 1
Fall – September 1
Winter – December 1
Spring – March 1

Contact our Editor Chris Jones at cjones@ocoa.ca

Previous Newsletter Editors include: (years approximated)

Chris Jones 2021
Don Weltz 2019-2021
Matt McVittie 2014-2019
Rob Ciraco 2010-2014
David Critchlow 2005-2010
Bruce Tomlinson 2000-2005
Mike Regis 1995-2000
Pat Brown 1991-1995
Bruce Chenier 1989-91
Al Hyde& Brian Morrison 1986-89
Dave Arbour 1984-86
John Bailey 1982-84
Ben Attard