Edward Chevrette

OCOA Certificate of Bravery 2003

Conservation Officer Edward Chevrette

On November 13, 2003, Conservation Officer Ed Chevrette rescued retired Conservation Officer John Chute, from the French River at Jameson Rapids, after their boat capsized during and end-of-season moose hunt patrol.

As the officers were drifting towards Georgian Bay, they swam to the first island, which was found to be uninhabited. They attempted to swim to the second island but Mr. Chute was unable to reach shore and drifted downstream. Officer Chevrette reached shore, found an aluminum boat and a water ski, which he used as a paddle. He located Mr. Chute, who was extrememly hypothermic, carried him to the boat, and paddled to an occupied camp. After the 3.5 hour ordeal, Mr. Chute finally received first aid and recovered.

Officer Chevrette is commended for his brave and courageous actions in assisting OCOA member John Chute.