William Foy

MNR Valour Award

& OCOA Valour Award

Conservation Officer William Foy

For Intervening in a Tense Situation Involving a Mentally Disturbed Individual

In August 2004, Conservation Officer William Foy entered Esker Lakes Provincial Park to give a presentation to the Junior Rangers. While driving into the entrance of the Park, he was stopped by an agitated woman who was bleeding from the hand. She told him that her son had just stabbed her at their campsite. Officer Foy headed into the park to locate this woman’s son fearing he may injure other campers or himself. After searching for some time, Officer Foy spotted the male coming out of the bushes a short distance away. Foy didn’t see a knife at the time. He yelled at him to raise his hands. The male took a few steps towards Officer Foy. Officer Foy continued to yell commands and, eventually, the young man seemed to snap out of it and began to listen. Officer Foy was then able to arrest and handcuffed him. The OPP arrived approximately 20 minutes later. While awaiting the police, Bill asked the teen what happened that morning at the campsite. The way he responded, it was obvious that the boy was mentally disturbed.

The teen was sent to a psychiatric hospital for treatment. Office Foy continued on with his day and gave his presentation to the junior rangers. He arrived home safely at the end of his shift.