Randy Pepper

OCOA & MNR Officer of the Year 2011

Ontario Conservation Officer Randy PepperParry Sound Enforcement Unit

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and the Ontario Conservation Officers Association are pleased to announce that Randy Pepper has been selected as the 2011 Conservation Officer of the Year.

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Randy began his career as a Conservation Officer in 1985 at the Geraldton District Office and later moved to Parry Sound District in 1989. By the late 1990’s Officer Pepper took on the role as the District Investigator.

Randy’s career as an undercover officer with the Ministry of Natural Resources is one of the longest on record. Every region in this province has been the recipient of Randy’s skill as an U/C officer.

“I have had the opportunity to work with Randy for a number years but I really got to know him well when he completed the National Undercover Course back in 1992. The course challenges you to the extremes, both professionally and personally. Randy never waivered, which speaks volumes about his character.

Randy is an experienced covert operator and has been involved in numerous short and long term covert operations. Officer Pepper is the true image of a team player. He has a great attitude and is always willing to help and mentor others.”Al Sullivan, Enforcement Manager, Pembroke.

For example; ‘Project Smoke Screen’ was a large scale project involving the commercialization of wildlife in the Bala to Mactier area of Parry Sound District. As a result of Randy’s expertise in undercover work, eight people were charged with 69 wildlife offences including commercialization of bear, deer, moose and walleye as well as numerous illegal hunting infractions and safety violations. The court ruling included jail sentences, stiff fines, hunting prohibitions and probation.

Randy Pepper was nominated for the 2011 Officer of the Year Award by eight of his peers, and was selected to receive the award by a provincial committee comprised of natural resources law enforcement staff of the MNR Enforcement Branch and the Ontario Conservation Officer’s Association.

The official awards ceremony will take place at the annual OCOA Conference being hosted by Sudbury area officers, August 11th to 13th.

Officer Pepper was also recognized for his 26 years of service as a Conservation Officer at the Peace Officer Exemplary Service Medal Awards Ceremony in 2009.

The Officer of the Year Award acknowledges Officers like Randy, that have demonstrated the highest level of dedication and professionalism amongst our ranks and pays tribute to the high quality of Conservation Officers in the Enforcement Branch.

Randy has also been serving his fellow officers voluntarily through the OCOA Executive for 17 years; first as a Regional Representative for four years stating in 1994, then as the OCOA Treasurer from 1998 to present. This is in addition to actively participating in his community and conservation efforts while off duty.

Please join us in congratulating Randy Pepper as our 2011 Conservation Officer of the Year!

The MNR, and OCOA membership also acknowledge and congratulate Mike Duncan as a nominee for the 2011 OOY award.

Lois Deacon
Director Enforcement Branch

Mike Duncan
President Ontario Conservation Officers Association