Natural Resource Management

2000 Natural Resource Management P.R.I.D.E. Award

For achieving a four-year agreement among two First Nations, Ontario and Canada for the regulation and management of the Bruce Peninsula commercial fishery.

Kevin J. Barber John Cooper Ron L. DesJardine Warren I. Dunlop Mary Gordon Claire F. Hogenkamp David H. Loftus A. David MacDonald Andrew W. F. MacDonald Sylvia Mannonen   David A. McLeish Lloyd C. Mohr M. Elaine Philp M. J. Roberts

This award was created to recognize employee(s), either individual or teams, whose direct involvement in the development or sustaining of a natural resource has had a positive effect on that resource.

Employee efforts or achievements may include direct involvement in the areas of policy, research, public education, program delivery, or any other type of direct involvement with the particular natural resource.