Sustainable Forest Licence Team

1998 Amethyst Award

Sustainable Forest Licence Team

Matthew Benson, Mark Bett, Janice Bingham, Stephen Boyd, Mike Cartan, Kevin Coombs, Bill Darby, Stuart Davidson, Alec Denys, Bill Greenway, Bill Hagborg, Dick Hagman, Bruce Hardy, Stephen Harvey, Ernie Heerschap, Paul Hosick, Peter Hynard, Wade Knight, Jeff Leavey, Al Matthews, Sam Muir, Robert Naud, Rick Norkooli, Simon Peet, Bernie Phillion, Ron Reffle, Kenneth Russell, Gary Schultz, Roy Sidders, John Sills, Marvin Smith, Mark Sobchuk, Mark Speers, Rob Spence, Ed Tear, Bill Therriault, Bill Thornton, Randy Thorvaldson, Betty van Kerkhof, John Walker, Chris Walsh

Ministry of Natural Resources, Sault St. Marie

For leadership, dedication and commitment to the success of the Sustainable Forest Licence Negotiations, the latest alternate service delivery initiative in MNR.

The Amethyst Award presented Ontario Public Servants was established in 1993 and designed to recognize outstanding achievements by people, not programs, in the Ontario Public Service (OPS). These are people who have extended themselves, whether in creating a whole new way of delivering a service, developing time and money-saving technology, or showing extraordinary professionalism and care in performing their daily tasks.

The award is a lucite trophy featuring Ontario amethyst and bearing the award logo. Recipients are also presented with certificates (signed by the Secretary of Cabinet and the Premier) and a lapel pin.