Peter Gilboe

OCOA Certificate of Lifesaving 2008

Conservation Officer Peter Gilboe

On July 2, 2008, Conservation Officer Peter Gilboe assisted in saving a youth who had become separated from her canoeing party in a remote area north of Lake Temagami.

Upon the request of the OPP, Officer Gilboe assisted in locating the youth on a remote logging road with the use of a GPS. The eleven year old girl had been separated from her party and had not had anything to eat or drink for over 10 hours. After providing her with food, drink and dry clothes, the officers were able to locate the canoe party only because of officer Gilboe’s local knowledge. The girl had wandered 12km off her course with a 40 pound pack. Officer Gilboe felt that had they not found the young lady, she may not have survived the night as the weather was cool with heavy rain and high winds.