The OCOA Mandate and Code of Ethics

OCOA Mandate

The Ontario Conservation Officers Association is dedicated to continued excellence within the Conservation Officers profession, internally fostering fellowship and promoting our mutual interests to ensure the maximum protection of Ontario’s natural resources and preservation of our history.

The objectives of the Association are:

  1. To promote and maintain maximum recognition of Conservation Officers by their employer and the public.
  2. To promote and encourage high standards and professionalism amongst the Conservation Officers of Ontario.
  3. To promote and encourage officer safety and to provide support and assistance to members in need of career related legal assistance.
  4. To promote and enhance the image of professional Conservation Officers in the Province of Ontario.
  5. Dedicated to maintain ecologically sustainable natural resources through effective law enforcement.
  6. To promote awareness and an understanding of natural resources enforcement.
  7. To support and promote children’s education with regard to Ontario’s natural resources.
  8. To support the collection, preservation and display of Ontario Conservation Officer History in any form or venue(s) while encouraging visitation opportunities to increase public knowledge and recognition of Ontario Conservation Officers and their History since 1892.

Members Code of Ethics

  1. Employing truth and integrity we strive to maintain the highest level of professionalism.
  2. All our actions will be above reproach and at no time will we permit our personal feelings to influence our judgement or the application of our authority.
  3. For our mutual benefit and to ensure the effectiveness of our profession, we pledge the highest order of loyalty and co-operation between our members.
  4. To ensure a high standard in the application of law enforcement and outdoor recreation management we will encourage all members to contribute only their finest efforts and skills.
  5. We will wear our uniforms in the approved manner and with the dignity it deserves.