Mark Lamont

OCOA Certificate of Valour 2008

Conservation Officer Mark Lamont

On September 29, 2007, Conservation Officer Mark Lamont put his own safety at risk in a situation of imminent danger to provide assistance to Park Warden Larry Cobb.

Officer Lamont attended Algonquin Park in response to a request for assistance by some Park Wardens. A moose had been shot and threats made to one Warden. A second Warden, Larry Cobb, had a gunshot fired outside the vehicle while following the suspects. Officer Lamont headed to Warden Cobb’s location unsure of his condition.

Upon locating Cobb, Officer Lamont thenarrested the driver at gunpoint, with the assistance of Warden Cobb. The passenger fled the area in the vehicle. The passenger was later stopped by an OPP spike belt, and taken into custody after a long negotiation lead by Officer Lamont.