Justin Punchard

OCOA Certificate of Valour 2012

Conservation Officer Justin Punchard

On August 21, 2011,  CO Justin Punchard put his own safety at risk in a situation of imminent danger to provide assistance to a  family in the face of a tornado.

Officer Punchard while working with a fellow OPP officer on Lake Huron in the Kincardine area determined that a storm was approaching the area. Officer Punchard made contact with a family of sea-doers as it began to hail, he advised the family to seek shelter. Within minutes of that, Officer Punchard observed the family to be in the immediate path of a tornado moving quickly in their direction. Without hesitation Officer Punchard worked to bring the family to safety and move them from the path of the tornado. After the tornado passed Officer Punchard worked quickly with emergency crews and police in rescue efforts for casualties left in the wake of the tornado.

If not for the heroic efforts of Officer Punchard and his OPP partner there is no doubt that there would have been more tragedy that day.