Midhurst Integrated Customer Service Counter

1998 Amethyst Award

Midhurst Integrated Customer Service Counter

Ariel Buchanan, Kendra Kemp, Jim Kitchen, Laurie McInnis, Marianne Norton, Trudy Roberts, Pat A. Smith

Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and the Ministry of Natural Resources, Midhurst

For using innovation to deliver superior service at a newly integrated counter.

The Amethyst Award presented Ontario Public Servants was established in 1993 and designed to recognize outstanding achievements by people, not programs, in the Ontario Public Service (OPS). These are people who have extended themselves, whether in creating a whole new way of delivering a service, developing time and money-saving technology, or showing extraordinary professionalism and care in performing their daily tasks.

The award is a lucite trophy featuring Ontario amethyst and bearing the award logo. Recipients are also presented with certificates (signed by the Secretary of Cabinet and the Premier) and a lapel pin.